Our steadfast commitment to safety and environmental stewardship can be seen in every project we undertake.



SAExploration provides safe, accurate, eco-responsible and seamless full wavefield seismic surveying services for all aquatic environments, transition, surf and tidal zones, shallow water and deep water marine conditions.

SAExploration’s highly experienced data processing teams mitigate risk and reduce cost by providing superior quality seismic data processing and imaging solutions. Our In-Field QC (IFQC) applications are appropriate for identifying and analyzing ambient noise, evaluating field parameters and support data-recovery strategies.

Using the latest hardware and software, our technical and field teams electronically manage your data from the field to the processing office, thus optimizing the transition from field to production, and through the final data processing sequences. We implement the strictest quality control processes to meet and exceed industry standards.

Quality Control Solutions

SAExploration’s QC and processing systems are designed to meet the demands of the industry providing consistent and reliable seismic imaging services, including:

  • 3D PSPI Pre-Stack Depth
  • Migration Fast-Track
  • Wave-Equation Illumination Studies
  • End of Line QC

Shallow & Deep Water Solutions

SAExploration specializes in wavefield modeling and wave-equation depth imaging. Our depth processing and imaging services provide extensive modules and applications for deconvolution, wave-equation migration, model building, de-multiple and post-migration processes.
Look to SAExploration for efficient, affordable shallow & deep water solutions such as:

  • Wavefield Separation
  • 3D Pre-Stack PSPI Migration
  • Depth Focusing Velocity Analysis
  • C-Wave Processing
  • 3D Wave-Equation Multiple Attenuation