Our steadfast commitment to safety and environmental stewardship can be seen in every project we undertake.


Expertise throughout transition, tidal and surf zones, and into shallow and deep water prepares our team members with tools, training and methodologies designed to meet a vast spectrum of surveying requirements and operating safely and respectful of the environment.

At SAExploration, our market niche is logistically challenging seismic acquisition programs. As such, we realize that our progressive technologies – coupled with the ability of our teams to use them to their full capabilities – are critical to your seismic program’s success. We continually monitor technological developments, and we use our real-world field expertise to discover and implement unique operational techniques.

Sensing and Recording Technology

Data quality on your program is paramount, and receiver technology decisions are critical. Our technical experts will advise you on the benefits of wireless Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) systems based on your project objectives and parameters. We have experience with both single (1C), dual (2C) and multi-component (4C) surveying methods. Depending upon a client’s project objectives, environment and parameters, we offer experience with a variety of OBN deployment techniques, including ROV deployment in and around both surface and subsea facilities and infrastructure, and node-on-a-rope handling methods for 2D, 3D or 4D seismic surveys.

Source Technology

Our goal on every single SAE project is to leverage the right technologies that meet the specific needs of a given project. Detailed airgun array modeling is available for ultra-shallow water or deep water exploration requirements. Source arrays can be designed and supplied to specifically enhance the low or high frequency signature content. Containerized source systems can also be specially designed, manufactured and supplied for installation on local vessels of opportunity. The seismic survey’s source effort can be designed for optimum data quality and improved surveying efficiencies, including the more traditional single, dual (flip-flop) source methods, or the latest simultaneous source acquisition techniques.

Geodetic Support (Navigation / Positioning Solutions)

Applying a comprehensive navigation and positioning solution to precisely derive positions for all deployed assets for OBN seismic surveying is critical to the overall survey operations and quality assurance. Safely navigating vessels and assets in the survey area as well as the ability to accurately position the seismic source events and receivers in real-time is paramount for seismic data excellence. A variety of technologies and methods are available today to enable and achieve excellent geodetic control for any survey.