Our steadfast commitment to safety and environmental stewardship can be seen in every project we undertake.


SAExploration provides safe, accurate, eco-responsible and seamless full wavefield seismic surveying services for all aquatic environments, transition, surf and tidal zones, shallow water and deep water marine conditions.

Dedicated to an uncompromising HSE program, SAExploration, offers decades of knowledge and expertise garnered from operating in unique and logistically challenging marine environments all around the world. With the utilization of the latest OBN technology, SAExploration are capable of acquiring and processing 2D, 3D and 4D full azimuth and full wavefield seismic datasets, with either single (1C) or two-component (2C) or four-component (4C) sensing technology, in water depths from 0 to 3,000 meters.

Our crews share best practices across all regions to ensure safe operating methods, maximum efficiency and consistent high-quality data for all projects. Many of our team members are cross-trained for different projects in different regions of the world, enabling them to bring experience and knowledge diversity to your project. As a result, SAExploration are recognized as one of the safest, and the most knowledgeable and innovative geophysical surveying contractors in the world.

Our comprehensive seismic acquisition services span the spectrum from survey design through data processing and imaging solutions. No matter the region or environment.

Survey Design

Accurate and careful survey design is extremely critical to achieve the correct balance between geophysical imaging requirements and economics, an area in which SAExploration excels.

Project Management and Planning

All successful seismic programs start with a comprehensive survey design and project plan. At SAExploration, we help our clients develop innovative strategies– regardless of scope, region or challenge.

Seismic Surveying Services

Expertise throughout transition, surf and tidal zones, and into shallow and deep water prepares our team members with tools, training and methodologies designed to meet a vast spectrum of surveying requirements, operating safely and respectful of the environment.

OBN Data Processing and Imaging Solutions

Our highly experienced data processing teams help reduce the risk and cost of exploration by providing superior quality seismic data processing solutions designed specifically for OBN surveying methods.