Our steadfast commitment to safety and environmental stewardship can be seen in every project we undertake.


SAExploration cross-trains its teams on different projects in different regions across the globe. This enables our people to bring a unique depth and diversity of experience to your next project.

At SAExploration, we bring decades of significant and specialized expertise borne from our work in a variety of unique and logistically challenging environments around the world. We have an exceptional track record across harsh terrain and heavily cultured areas. In all environments and in every professional scenario, we strive to reduce risk to both the resident communities and the delicate ecosystems where a given client project is being acquired.

Our teams share best practices across all regions to ensure maximum efficiency and consistent quality for our client projects. Most key SAExploration team members are cross-trained on different projects in different regions, enabling them to bring a unique depth and diversity of experience to a given project. As a result, SAExploration is widely recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and innovative seismic contractors in the world.

Our comprehensive seismic acquisition services span the spectrum from planning and design to survey, recording and data processing. No matter the given region or challenge, we’ve got the most demanding client requirements covered.

Program Design

Thorough planning and design of a seismic program is critical, complex, and an area in which SAExploration excels.

Planning & Permitting

Any successful seismic program begins with a comprehensive project plan. At SAExploration, we help our clients reduce the risk and cost of exploration by developing solid strategies from the ground up–regardless of scope, geographic region or technical challenge.

Camp Services

With many land seismic acquisition projects being undertaken in remote areas, SAExploration has streamlined processes for setting up and dismantling field camps.


SAExploration has extensive experience in survey and line cutting services utilizing the latest tools and technologies to ensure data accuracy.


SAExploration’s specialized and experienced seismic drilling teams deliver by using innovative drilling techniques and by the most resourceful and sustainable means possible.


Expertise across all manner of difficult, ecologically sensitive terrain equips our teams with tools, training and methodologies designed to meet a vast spectrum of program requirements. SAExploration completes every project using the technology that best meets the needs of client.


Working with ease and efficiency across challenging environments, our highly experienced teams provide superior quality seismic data processing services.