Our steadfast commitment to safety and environmental stewardship can be seen in every project we undertake.


Trust SAExploration to assess and design acquisition parameters, technologies and methodologies that best meet your unique geological goals.

Thorough and well-considered design of the seismic program is critical to reducing a client’s exploration risk. This is a complex process that requires a great deal of specialized planning and coordination, and it’s an area in which SAExploration excels.

Starting from ground zero, SAExploration provides a complete solution to a client’s seismic design needs. We collaborate closely with all project stakeholders to meet their particular requirements and address their specific concerns. We provide advanced 2D, 3D and 4D survey design. We assess and recommend acquisition parameters and technologies that meet objectives with maximum accuracy, minimal risk and an ultra-light ecological footprint. No matter the given region or challenge, we’ve got your program design needs covered.

Trust SAExploration to design the seismic program that best articulates your objectives and aligns with your overall budget and project plan.