Our steadfast commitment to safety and environmental stewardship can be seen in every project we undertake.


Conduct your seismic program with greater efficiency and fewer risks with comprehensive planning and permitting services from SAExploration.

Any successful seismic program begins with a comprehensive project plan. At SAExploration, we help our clients develop solid strategies from the ground up – regardless of scope, region or challenge. Our teams have specific experience in planning and permitting seismic programs in heavily cultured areas and on logistically challenging land programs.

Simply put, SAExploration provides a start-to-finish solution to the seismic planning & permitting needs of our clients. We work closely with private, public, and corporate landowners of a given region, meeting their particular requirements and addressing their specific concerns. We anticipate and address all logistical aspects of a given program. We assess and recommend acquisition parameters and technologies that best meet every foreseeable objective. No matter the given region or challenge, we’ve got every planning and permitting variable covered.

From overall working conditions, cultural/ environmental concerns, permitting and regulatory approvals to emergency response plans and comprehensive camp requirements, our project plans are designed to detect, address and resolve every conceivable aspect of any given seismic acquisition program. Talk to us today about yours.