Our steadfast commitment to safety and environmental stewardship can be seen in every project we undertake.


SAExploration’s advanced equipment and innovative methodologies provide our clients with a spectrum of seismic drilling services that are efficient, accurate and environmentally sound.

Understanding the geological makeup of your project site is a fundamental aspect of seismic exploration. SAExploration’s seismic drilling expertise delivers this critical data by the most resourceful and sustainable means possible.

SAExploration’s senior drilling staff has a combined work experience of more than five decades in some of the world’s most remote, challenging and environmentally sensitive regions. This unique industry expertise has helped us develop and implement a number of innovations in drilling techniques, to the considerable benefit of our end customers.One such SAE innovation involves the use of versatile portable drilling equipment that enables our teams to operate in a variety of challenging terrains under widely varying conditions. The end result is minimal down time for a client’s project when a change in conditions makes it necessary to implement different techniques.

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