Our steadfast commitment to safety and environmental stewardship can be seen in every project we undertake.


At SAExploration, our primary focus is on our people. Our camp services are designed to ensure the safety, comfort and productivity of our teams, no matter how far from home they are.

Industry veterans at stewarding multiple land seismic acquisition projects across rugged, remote and virtually unexplored parts of the world, SAExploration has streamlined processes for setting up, managing and then dismantling field camps. Without exception, SAE-run seismic camps are maintained to the highest possible industry standards. When we’re on site, our people and the global communities into which they’re transplanted reap the many benefits of top-tier amenities. And when we’re gone, we leave next to no trace behind.

Maximum Comfort

Due to the nature of our seismic acquisition programs, our teams routinely work in difficult regions and extreme climates far from the comforts of home. At SAExploration, we place high value on the well-being of our remote crews, and we go to great lengths to meet their needs on location. As a result, the lodging, food services and support facilities at every SAE camp are second to none.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Maintaining sustainable, low impact, camp operations is core to the SAExploration business model. From wastewater treatment, trash management and recycling programs to water purification systems and the use of generators with full noise isolation, we go to considerable lengths to ensure that the environmental footprint of any SAExploration camp is kept to an absolute minimum.

Community Inclusion

At SAExploration, we recognize the importance of being a good global neighbour. This goodwill manifests itself in a number of ways, from hiring local workers to providing free medical services to our host communities. The engagement and inclusion of indigenous life and labour is a cornerstone of the SAExploration philosophy, and is especially evident in how we operate our remote camps.