Our steadfast commitment to safety and environmental stewardship can be seen in every project we undertake.


Alberta: Northeast British Columbia, Canada

In a remote region of northwestern Canada, SAExploration conducted a 3D project in a region inhabited by three native communities. SAExploration was responsible for the construction of roads and bridges using low impact cutting techniques. As part of the Q and HSE management plans properly trained personnel prepared the project and implemented. This project was executed in 2010, lasted 100 days, and dynamite / DSU was used.

Jungle: Peru

SAExploration undertook a major 3D project east of Los Andes hiring nearly 1,300 people from local communities. The program of 250 km2 was developed in a jungle environment where 17 fly camps were built. This was a heli-portable project with over 3,200 channels. A total of 5 helicopters were used and accumulated 950 hours of flight time. The project lasted14 weeks and was completed in December 2007.

Jungle: Colombia

In 2011, SAExploration conducted a very demanding project in the department of Vichada in Colombia. The team comprised of 346 people operated from fly camps in remote areas of the jungle. The project acquired 290 km’s of 2D data using multi-component sensor DSU’s.

Jungle: Papua New Guinea

Between spring 2010 and autumn 2011, SAExploration carried out a project for 14 months in the difficult environment of Papua New Guinea. Sercel 428 in conjunction with Sercel FDU 408 was used in the acquisition of 648 Km. The geographically challenging terrain included; rainforest, mountains, marsh, and flooded areas creating complex logistics and support. Over 3,500 local employees were hired with an average of 500 employee per group in simultaneous conjunction.

Northern Boreal Forest: Alberta, Canada

During the winter of 2012, SAExploration implemented two projects using high density vibroseis in the oil sands in northern Alberta. The first project was a Vibroseis 4D high density 3-component (3C) program involving the layout of 11,232 channels with 1 ms sampling. The crew consisted of more than 70 people working 24/7 over a 20 day period. The second project was a 3D high-density survey. Vibroseis slip-sweep was utilized to increase productivity during the winter season and reduce exposure and cost.

North Slope: Alaska

SAExploration offers many years of operational and managerial experience to our customers. SAExploration personnel have worked on the North Slope of Alaska since 1986, acquiring 3D information on thousands of square kilometers, and managing crews in the range of 125-185 people. SAExploration has carried out projects consistently ensuring compliance with environmental and safety standards even in remote areas. These projects were under Arctic conditions and the extreme temperatures of the North Slope. Protecting workers and minimizing the impact in these sensitive environments is an integral part of our operations.

Transition Zone: Cook Inlet, Alaska

In the Cook Inlet within Alaska, SAExploration initiated a project in 2011 on land transition zones and shallow water. The experience of our team in obtaining permits, community relations, and development activities in Alaska under the highest environmental and safety standards made SAExploration a preferred provider and suitable for the development of this complex program. This project posed high logistical challenges so the latest wireless technology (Nodal) was used to acquire 3D information in some of the most extreme environmental conditions. The project involved more than 100 people using heli-portable drills and helicopters.